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Why are we here?

We’re obsessed with helping people live a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life. We offer products that make people’s lives better through moments they work so hard for, and the activities they live for.

The question “why?” drives us. We’re unafraid of new challenges, we constantly challenge ourselves, each other, and the status quo. We keep it loose, living for the good times and working hard to make them happen.

If this sounds like the type of company you’d like to be a part of, then we’d love to hear from you.

What’s the role?

This is a great opportunity for a badass designer and 3D surfacing specialist that yearns to flex creative muscle to shape and improve new and existing product lines. As a 3D Design and SolidWorks Surfacing Specialist, you will primarily be charged with the creation of visual and functional design studies for new products, communication of existing products, and 3D modeling of new, old, and future product related items. You will design and develop new products made from metals, composites, plastics, and natural materials. You will also create content for presentations and graphics used to convey the design and use of our products.

We prioritize education and learning. If you think that you already know everything, then this probably isn’t the right place for you. But if you want to challenge yourself every day, live for a Kaizen environment, and aren’t afraid to speak up, ask questions, and listen intently, then we are your people.

With Trust, you will experience the variety and diversity of projects that would normally be reserved for a design consultancy but with the stability and benefits of a corporate environment. Our process lets designers work on a design from initial sketch through refinement, prototyping and into mass-production.

Who are you?

A Solidworks rock star. You understand how to manipulate boundary conditions on a surface fill with such mastery that it might make an angel cry. Fun. An athlete. Superb at time management and capable of juggling multiple projects simultaneously. A self-learning, question asking, paradigm busting, convention challenging, open to any idea kind of person. A person who won’t let limitations in Solidworks define design decisions. The spirit of the entrepreneur is strong in you - you take ownership of your projects and are driven by a need to leave things better than you found them.

You have an eye for aesthetics and are a creative thinker with a meticulous eye for detail. You are organized, thorough and able to prioritize; a reliable and self-motivated team player, who’s able to work without close supervision. There are times when things need to be done and done now, and you’re the type of person who thrives under pressure and can professionally accept and provide feedback without getting all emotional about it.

What you need to know.

  • At least 5+ years of concept, design and execution experience
  • Prior experience with consumer products brands is strongly preferred.
  • You must have Solidworks experience including surfacing mastery
  • Understanding of molding design in plastic including draft angles, slides, gates and parting lines
  • A thorough understanding of materials and processes, especially injection molding, metal stamping, forging, casting, extrusion, textiles and wood products
  • Ability to take design direction from and liaise with Industrial designers to apply, extrapolate, and execute visual concepts in 3D
  • Experience working with Adobe Creative Suite and standard MS office
  • Ability to quickly communicate and develop concepts and ideas through verbal, visual, and written means, there’s a time for perfection and a time for speed, identify and apply
  • Experience with and knowledge of rapid prototyping including types of 3D printing
  • Readiness to attend meetings and liaise with Sales, Marketing, Advanced R&D, Asia offices and other teams as required.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design or relevant experience
  • A willingness to identify when a problem is outside of your area of expertise, or if you are stumped, and ask for help before burning a huge amount of time down a dead-end road
  • Have a valid driver’s license and passport

Extra cool if you:

  • Have experience with electrical and mechanical components and functionality
  • Are an outdoor enthusiast in mountain biking, motocross, go-karting, breaking stuff, etc.

Salary and benefits:

Salary is based on qualifications, experience and is competitive with market value for the position.  If you’d like to share your salary history, that helps us get an idea of your goals and expectations, but no pressure.

Our benefits are designed to encourage a healthy balance between work and life, allowing you to make your own decisions about your wellbeing and future. We offer high value medical and dental insurance to help you and your family get after it without stress. Trust’s financial benefits also include a 401K retirement plan.

INTERESTED? Email us at careers@trustperformance.com