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  • 130mm contour travel (replaces most 110-140mm forks)
  • 1980 grams
  • Boost 15x110mm thru axle

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When you’re out hitting your favorite trails, you want your bike to work so well it disappears below you. The Message’s unique wheel path and geometry track bumps and rip corners at a level you’ve never experienced. Welcome to a new world of wide open.

Match the Message to your bike or riding gear with the Trust Performance Decal Kit - available in 8 different colors.


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    Structural stiffness

    You’re a finely tuned trail weapon, and so is the Message. Its carbon legs and linkage are far stiffer than a telescopic fork. With almost no fore-aft flex, this maximizes your control over sprints, rocks, roots, ruts and — our favorite — corners. Learn More.

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    3-Way Mode Adjust

    You love to shred, but you also like to save energy, so you’ll dig our mode adjust. Open for rough descents, mid for smooth downhills and rough climbs, and firm for flat-out hammering. The big lever is easy to reach when you’re above redline. Learn More.

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    Contour Travel

    When your front wheel tracks upward and backward, some amazing things happen. You carry easy speed through nasty bumps. You carve rough corners without sketchiness. And you pump the roughest of rock gardens. Learn More.


  • Fits both 29"/27+ (110-140mm) and 27.5" (130-140mm) bikes
  • 535mm Axle to Crown
  • 130mm contour travel
  • Full carbon chassis, steerer tube and linkages
  • Three-way mode adjust - Firm, Mid, Open
  • Trust engineered twin-tube, thru-shaft damper
  • Trailing multi-link front suspension
  • Easy setup with air pressure equal to rider weight
  • Tire widths up to 29" x 2.6” (762 x 66mm) max or 27.5" x 2.8" (744 x 78mm) max
  • Boost 15x110mm thru axle (or with torque caps)
  • Direct mount 180mm rotor (203mm max)
  • Fits existing mountain bikes with tapered headtube
  • 250 hours between service intervals
  • 1980 grams
  • WARNING - Learn more about California Prop 65

I was in more control and riding faster than ever,

which doesn't make a whole lot of sense until you remind yourself that geometry and handling are the real keys to speed and control, not gooey suspension that turns the ground into your personal safe space.

Mike Levy

It's the most planted ride I've ever felt on the front of a bike,

the tracking and bump absorption are far beyond what you'd expect from just 130mm of travel.

Ian Collins

It's definitely different. And You jump on a fork that is that stout feeling and it immediately breeds confidence

where you want to ride aggressively - you want to bash into stuff.

Will Ritchie

Without a doubt, the Message performs like no other fork I’ve ridden

Overall, I simply found myself going faster than I expected, especially through corners and on loose terrain, and with far more confidence to boot.

James Huang

It’s the most stable and capable ride we have experienced on a short travel fork.

We held lines that would have other forks flexing and twisting as we struggled to stay on line and off the brakes.

Nic Hall