Big Travel Bliss

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  • 178mm contour travel (replaces most 160-180mm forks)
  • 2165 grams
  • Boost 15x110mm thru axle

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Finally, a long travel/enduro platform that matches the efficiency, plushness, and potential of your long-travel frame. Shout is the latest trailing multi-link front suspension design from Trust Performance. With 178mm of contour travel, Shout comes with unparalleled traction, stability, and control for aggressive trail and enduro riders. It’s bigger, badder, and burlier. No more excuses: charge when it’s rough, boost when it’s big, and push harder than ever before. 

Match the Shout to your bike or riding gear with the Trust Performance Decal Kit - available in 8 different colors.

  • 01
    Full Carbon

    On a long travel platform, structural stiffness and precision are key to performance. Our full carbon platform provides chassis stiffness that results in more consistent handling. The result, a ride that will feel more stable and controlled through especially rough terrain. Learn more.

  • 02
    A Climbing Switch for Downhillers

    Shout offers an open mode for natural gnar, a mid mode for flow trails and a firm mode for climbing. No matter the mode, Shout remains plush for the first 20% of travel. This saves energy when climbing includes real-deal rocks, roots, and ruts. Learn More.

  • 03
    Dreamy Handling

    The faster and nastier the terrain, the more our wheel path and dynamic offset allow you to attack as hard as you want. Shout’s linkage stays up in its travel, eats bumps, and tracks true. Ride corners like you’ve always dreamed you could. Learn More.

Tech Specs

  • Fits both 29"/27+ (160-180mm) and 27.5" (160-180mm) bikes
  • 580mm Axle to Crown
  • 178mm contour travel
  • Full carbon chassis, steerer tube and linkages
  • Three-way mode adjust - Firm, Mid, Open
  • Trust engineered twin-tube, thru-shaft damper
  • Trailing multi-link front suspension
  • Easy setup with air pressure equal to rider weight
  • Tire widths up to 29" x 2.6” (762 x 66mm) max or 27.5" x 2.8" (744 x 78mm) max
  • Boost 15x110mm thru axle (or with torque caps)
  • Direct mount 180mm rotor (203mm max)
  • Fits existing mountain bikes with tapered headtube
  • 250 hours between service intervals
  • 2165 grams
  • WARNING - Learn more about California Prop 65

The Shout redefined how i think about front suspension,

Those changes translated to putting my front wheel on the ground sooner, increasing front end grip, and allowing tighter and more aggressive line choices.

Nic Hall

If 130mm of travel feels this unstoppable,

I could only imagine what a longer travel version could do on an enduro bike.

Ian Collins

Experiencing such perfect cornering support on a fork with as much travel as the Shout is breathtaking.

Travis Engel

I came away very impressed with the Shout’s superior ability to absorb and soften impacts,

whether from a fast, hard hit on a descent or a rocky patch on a technical climb.

Steve Fisher